16th & 17th Century English Oak Furniture

Hi Justin - these early primitive clocks are quite rare in their own right but that is not reflected in the prices they achieve. In the UK clocks like this might fetch between 1000poundsUK - 5000 pounds UK. If you have some photos I would be happy to tell you a lot more about your clock and it's maker? Thanks for your interest - Neil
Justin commented on Oak Longcase Clock Circa 1690
Hello have one almost identical to this clock curious how much they would go for?
Acorns to Oak
Hi Phillip and thanks for your interest and comments. Surprisingly some of the primitive chairs are comfortable and a real naive art form in their own right. I will share some others in time.
What a lovely collection, and beautifully photographed also! What I like most is the unique craftmanship evident in each piece. If I am I allowed two favourites, they would be #3 the chest of drawers, with each set of drawers different, yet with an overall unity, and #11 the stickback chair - it is still aesthetically pleasing with timeless style. Philip

Acorns to Oak
Aug 23, 2014
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