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The 2 RAR Historical Collection exists to collect, collate, display, research and preserve all items and memories of the 66th Australian Infantry Battalion 2nd Battalion, The Australian Regiment 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment 2nd/4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment 2nd Battalion (Amphibious), The Royal Australian Regiment

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What do you collect?

The philosophy of the collection is;
• Welcoming and Inclusive — We welcome all Ex-members and their families no matter how long or short, operational or peacetime their service.
• Accessible — We aim to fully digitise all items, images and documents in our collection to enable members to view. We also believe in making ourselves available for you to visit on Lavarack Barracks to see the collection. Please arrange a appointment by phoning or emailing the Curator prior. Anyone 16 and over needs photo ID and enclosed shoes to access the base.
• Retrievable — We aim to catalogue the collection so that any item, image or document can be physically found on request


The Unit Historical Collection is housed in 2 RAR (Amphib), Samichon Lines, Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, North Queensland.

The Unit’s lines are named after the Samichon River where the (fourth) Battle of the Hook took place at the conclusion of the Korean War.


Theatres the Battalion's soldiers have served in

British North Borneo

Netherlands East Indies




South Vietnam






Border Security

East Timor


Solomon Islands

Domestic Disaster Relief

Timor Leste



Papua New Guinea


South China Sea



2 RAR was one of the three original units formed in 1945 for the raising of Australia’s Regular Army and has been at the forefront of Australia’s military commitments since 1945.                                                          


The Collection is volunteer run by Ex-members of the Unit to maintain and preserve its history. Many are medically retired members, and this provides meaningful engagement and in turn the unit benefits from this positive interaction. The Collection is funded in the main by donations from individuals and ex-service organisations. Please consider helping this worthy cause.


The 2 RAR Historical Collection

2 RAR (Amphib)

Samichon Lines

Lavarack Barracks

Queensland 4813



Contact the Curator

Mr Jason Harrison

(Ex - 2/4 RAR 1990 to 1995)

(Ex - 2 RAR 1995 to 2010 and 2014 to 2018)

Email - [email protected]

MB - 0419749198

Is this collection open for visits?

The 2 RAR Historical Collection is located on Lavarack Barrack, Townsville, North Queensland. This is an operational Army Base, the Largest in the country.


The Collection is only open to serving members of the Battalion and their family, Ex- Battalion members and their family as well as family of deceased Ex-Battalion members.


Please ring/email well ahead when making your travel plans to visit Townsville to arrange with the Curator a booking for a 1 on 1 tour. The collection does not have set hours as it is staffed by volunteers who give up their time for visits and also have other commitments.


When visiting, you will need to be signed on to Lavarack Barracks at the main gate, for this to happen you will need to have photographic ID, such as a driver’s licence or student ID for any persons 16 and over. You will also be required to wear enclosed shoes, and prior to coming each person will need to complete the online National base induction process for Lavarack Barracks. This is online and takes a couple of minutes, see the link below.


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