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WELCOME TO MY COLLECTION. Please enjoy looking around, and if you would like to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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What do you collect?

I collect Australian produced soccer cards and my aim for this site is to be the "go to" site for every card produced in Australia.


For the work so far I have to thank a few people. Val Sobol who provided me the first ever produced list of Australian produced soccer cards. He was also generous with his time and expertise. David Elliott also provided a comprehensive list of club produced cards. Mike Kustka also was a great friend introduced by Ozcardtrader and helped generate the first ever Tapnplay card checklist. All the people I have met on Ozcard trader, people I have met on the internet dealings. Also like to thank Neil Armstrong from Tapnplay. Brett Mathieson who is a frequent contact with lots of support and advice Very helpful in particular with the upcoming 2015/2016 release. Riff from Ja'Jas Cards. Michael from Diggaz Trading with lending me a hand with the golds and silver scans  which were a bugger to do myself. Sonny Sen from Trading Cards and Collectables for helping fill some gaps. The people above and many others have been generous with their time and generous in helping to find and swap cards. A big thankyou to you all. And finally Philip Moorhouse that has filled in the gaps of the zero technology skill set tha i have. Talitha for all the help in labelling the scans for uploads. I have added some interesting soccer books. If you have anything of interest please let me know

How long have you been collecting?

I have been collecting since 2006. I first started collecting world cup releases and then just narrowed my focus to Australain produced soccer cards.


I followed soccer as a child and remember my family taking me to the games. It was a fond childhood memory. In collecting cards the hardest thing to know was what cards were issued and how many in the set and what they looked like. I hope that this will answer the questions for everyone. I hope to get a picture of every card up on this site, a checklist and to answer peoples questions so they can complete their collection. I hope to touch base with like minded people to help me complete my missing pieces

Is this collection open for visits?

I am happy for anyone to visit this site and provide feedback. My plan is to finish adding all the cards produced in Australia, load their images and eventually receive the missing images from other users. That way new collectors can find it easier locating old collections, understand what the cards look like and how many in the set. I have also been keeping records of other products soccer related produced in Australia and eventually will expand the site to include these items

What are your other interests?

I follow Melbourne Victory.


When I began, I wish I knew there was various forums and card shows where you could meet like minded people. Also the amount of good storage techniques. What is lacking is a good data base re recording what you have, the costs of purchase. In Australian soccer, there is a lack of reference catalogues.


Anything else about you?

Please note that i do not own the copyright to any of the images and everything displayed is for information purposes only. Further as i have collected cards from various sources i cannot warrant the authenticity of all cards displayed . Information provided is to the best of my knowledge

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