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Memory, celebration, commemoration

Many thanks, Louisa - I will make sure that I post my intentions to sell items as soon as I decide to do so. Ros
Thanks for your reply Roslyn. I shall bookmark your site and see what happens in the future. Louise
Hi Louise Lowe, Thank you for your enquiry about the 150th Anniversary booklet. It is not for sale at this point - I use it as an example in workshops on significance assessment. However, if I do find that I am not using it in the future, I will post a notice on The Collecting Bug to the effect that it is for sale.
Hi there. Just wondering if this booklet - 150th Anniversary booklet - is for sale. If so, how much? Thank you

Mar 06, 2016
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Objects relating to aspects of Australia's history, including historic postcards, badges, books, ceramic items, souvenirs and more. The themes of national and state commemorations, the Australian home front in two World Wars, and Australia's relationship to the monarchy and a push for an Australian republic are emphasised in the collection, but there are other aspects of Australian life featured as well. WELCOME TO MY COLLECTION. Please enjoy looking around, and if you would like to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! more About Us
Memory, celebration, commemoration

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