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The Bendigo Historical Society holds a large collection of books, documents, photographs, artworks on paper, textiles and objects which is currently housed at the Bendigo Regional Archive Centre. This collection has an important photographic and document record of the city in terms of culture, business and social development over more than 170 years. There is currently no public access to the BHS collection Some of the activities carried out by the Society include organising guest speakers for members’ meetings, assisting with research enquiries, receiving donations of documents, publications and artefacts for the collection, occasional conservation projects, lending items for displays, offering awards to local school students, liaising with other groups to organise historical events and activities, and participating in local history related events.

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How long have you been collecting?

The Bendigo Historical Society has been collecting since the current Society was formed in 1959. The collection is mostly a legacy collection that was in storage for several years after the Society was evicted from their premises in 1999. The collection was packed into brown boxes for storage. It was initially stored in several unsuitable locations across Bendigo. It was then assmbled in a building at the old gaol before being moved once more into the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre. 

Cataloguing began in about 2002 and data entry into MOSAiC in about 2004.

Volunteers are working to check all records entered before 2018 for accurracy and presentation.

However there will be spelling and grammar errors as well as missing links as it will take some time to check everything and will be ongoing.

30,000 items have been catalogued with an estimated 10,000 items remaining to be added.

Is this collection open for visits?

This collection is not open to the public but researchers and donors can make an appointment to visit. 

MOSAiC Online will provide public access to the collection. Follow up enquiries may then be directed to 

[email protected]


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