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Welcome to my Elizabeth Taylor collection. Please enjoy looking around, and if you would like to leave a comment or contact me, I would love to hear from you.If you are a huge fan of Ms Taylor you might even like to grab yourself a copy of my book, which also showcases many items in this collection and makes for a great souvenir.
Simply visit:
Thank you so much, I hope you get as much enjoyment from viewing my collection as I have from collecting it.

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What do you collect?

I have been collecting anything Elizabeth Taylor for over 35 years. My very first items was postcard with James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor pictured in a scene from the 1956 classic, "Giant". Over the years I have amassed many items, some of which have been gifted to the collection from Elizabeth Taylor herself.


I was also a penfriend to Ms Taylor for 20 years and recieved many personalised autographs, letters, cards and even a limited edition signed bottle of "White Diamonds". In 1992 Ms Taylor sent me a personalised signed image from her "White Diamonds" promotion. Ms Taylor inscribed "Dear Wayne, #1 fan in Australia.


Since then I have collated the collection into my book, Dame Elizabeth Taylor shades of violet- a story told in memorabilia, published by Capstone Media New York Feb 2019.

How long have you been collecting?

As mentioned previously, I have been a collector of all things Elizabeth Taylor since my collections inception in 1986 and am still adding items each and every year. Its funny being a collector of something because not soon after you decide to stop searching, do items start searching for you.


It has interested me over the years due to the fact that every piece tells a story and I meet Elizabeth every time I handle one of her items. I am also very much excited around the fact that each item has absorbed a situation, an event and an occassion that embellises the existance of that items. For example to image the tears that must have fallen from Ms Taylor's eyes when she attempted to visit Richard Burtons gravesite and to know that they fell within the frames of her sunglasses is extraordinary.

Is this collection open for visits?

The collection has been shorwcased in a short version at a local art gallery, but is always open to new exhibition ideas and/or spaces. Please leave a message or comment if you would like to showcase this collection in its entirety.


Ultimately the items are much better to see in real life and the purpose of such collection is to share not just the immenseness of such a collection, that is Elizabeth Taylor, but the  embedded history that lays  within the materialism of each item.

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