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Perfume Bottles
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  • Gordon Bau was head of the makeup department at Warner Bros 1930-1970. ~ Perfume Bottles


Wayne Griffin
Pablos Vargas please email me directly at [email protected] and we can discuss further. I hope you are keeping well.
Pablos Vargas
Hi Wayne it’s Pablos I purchased crystal vase from you back in February i am interested in the perfume bottles if they are still available please let me thank you


Perfume Bottles

Object Type
Perfume Bottle
The lavender colored bottle once housed Elizabeth Taylor's favourite perfume, Gardinia.
The second is a clear crystal perfume bottle given to Ms Taylor by her third husband Mike Todd.

If you look closely at both bottles you could make a guess that perhaps Ms Taylor used these as inspiration for the design of her first perfume , "Passion" in 1988.
Movie, Stage & TV Connections
Mike Todd
Year of Origin
The lavender bottle is circa 1970s.
The clear bottle is circa 1950's.
The lavender-colored bottle was originally given to Gordon Bau by Elizabeth Taylor, and from Bau by Clare Gaynor, a reknowned memorabilia collector. The bottle was obtained by this collection from Roslyn Herman & Co. in New York.

The clear crystal bottle was originally given to Ms Taylor from then husband Mike Todd. Refer to the Description for details
Both bottles stand 5 inches in height.
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