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Database For All Numbered HB Steins (Various Owners)

It’s been a long time since anyone posted anything here. I wish it was more active.
David Myers commented on HB #2878
I have this same 1/2 L stein but mine has the Flat style lid, not the dome lid like yours. Mine does not have a number. On the bottom of the stein is the impressed circle stamp for Merkelbach and Wick, barley visible you can make out most of the 3 letters. Looking to sell this and #352, which I posted about early. Just email me for photos if interested.
david Myers commented on HB #157
I have almost identical stein, (the lid is identical) my number 852, the stone ware is a little nicer, but the incised HB is still some what crude. Do you know what the "B" means on top the pewter lid? Also mine does have the impressed 1 L in the clay.
Joe G commented on HB #8742
I just picked up #8743 at a garage sale. Identical to this one.
Linda commented on HB #8
We have one of these. But no lid.
Amy Woodard commented on HB #19401
Hi, I have a stein that looks almost identical to this, the only difference being it's #18083. Your description above is perfect. Just wondering if you could provide me with any thoughts on the value of it. Thanks so much.

Oct 26, 2014
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Welcome to the HB Stein Registry. This is a database for numbered HB steins to help HB stein collectors gather some information, and to help further my own personal research on HB steins as more of the numbered steins are uncovered. Please enjoy looking around, and if you would like to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! more About Us
Database For All Numbered HB Steins (Various Owners)

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