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The Naughty Baby Monkey
  • The Naughty Baby Monkey
  • The Naughty Baby Monkey
  • The Naughty Baby Monkey
  • The Naughty Baby Monkey


Thankyou for your reply. Yes, you are right I saw it on the wanted list.Thankyou for the information, it's fabulous to get such a wonderful detailed response. All the best.
IRO Collector
Hi Mrs. Kelly, thanks for getting in touch. Are you interested in knowing value or rarity ? ...or just sharing that you own a little treasure ? ...In my experience, 'The Naughty Baby Monkey' is the hardest to find, of all six Willie Winkie Zoo books. I have only seen three copies on the market in the past 20 years. If yours is in nice enough condition, like the one photographed on the website, then it could be worth $400 - $500 if you find the right person to sell to. You probably read that on my 'wanted' list, there is smaller, shorter version of Baby Monkey listed was given the number '305' ...but was said to have been "withdrawn" ...because the content was NQR.'s a big curiosity to me...because the snippets of history I have read about it, make it appear that it most likely WAS published in reader form...then recalled or something. So MAYBE there are a couple of reader copies still out there somewhere...saved from being pulped or something. It's a bit of a holy-grail for me. ...but great that the 'deluxe' survives and you certainly have a very special book. ...who is the dedication from in your copy ? ...I have never seen or heard of a copy of any of the 6 deluxe books, or 3 readers being signed by Ida or A.R. Osborn. ...but that would be something else if there is such a copy. ...have I answered your questions ? Regards Andrew
Jean Kelly
I have a copy of The Naughty Baby Monkey. It is exactly as pictured. It has a dedication written inside and the year 1923 in ink on front page. Jean


The Naughty Baby Monkey

Object Type
Item description
Illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Book no. 2 of the Willie Winkie Zoo Books series.
Written by
A.R. Osborn
Publication date
Whitcombe & Tombs
Publishing details
Melbourne 44p. [6] leaves of plates. 1st print
In biography -
yes. MUIR 5552
Can you help ?
Willie Winkie Zoo books re-prints 'Whitcombes Story Books':
'The Naughty Baby Monkey' WSB No. 305
'Teddy Bear's Birthday Party' WSB No. 313
especially: McLaren 313 b, 313 e, 313 i.
'Fuzzy, Wuzzy and Buzzy' WSB No. 314
especially: McLaren 314 a, 314 b-(1977 supplement), 314 n
'The Guinea Pig that Wanted a Tail' WSB No. 315
especially: McLaren 315 h, 315 l.
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