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Australian Songs for Young and Old - 1st printing
  • Australian Songs for Young and Old - 1st printing


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Hi Mrs. Bilby, thanks for getting in touch. - but honestly, these music books are very hard to value. Lots of variables. ...I see people trying to to get over $500 for them...and yet I have bought plenty on eBay for under $100. ...Is yours a 1st edition ? ...same as the photo on the page you sent me the question from ? That's got to be good. ...but if it's torn or coloured in or has a new thread won't probably fetch top dollar. ...$200 would be a starting price for a decent enough copy...I'd guess. ...feel free to send photos [email protected] ...back cover as will if you can. ...and title page. Regards Andrew
June Bilby
I have a copy of this music book handed down from my Nanna. What would it be worth today; can anyone tell me ? Thanks.


Australian Songs for Young and Old - 1st printing

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Item description
Published to coincide with the opening of the Women's Exhibition, Melbourne, October 1907.
Written by
Music by Georgette Peterson
Words by Annie Rentoul
Publication date
Advertised in The Argus, Melbourne, 19 October 1907.
George Robertson
Publishing details
Melbourne, [1907], .1st print, 32p.Paper cover edition with special dedication to Lady Northcote, wife of the Governor General.
In biography -
yes. MUIR 6336
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