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Bears, Bush Creatures and Battlers
  • Bears, Bush Creatures and Battlers


IRO Collector
Kerry ???
IRO Collector
Dear Kerry - SORRY for late, late reply. that an acceptable excuse ??? As for your envelope... hmmmm wall-chart is berry important part. Envelope is good, notes okay...but clearly boring. ...picture cards great ...but I have nabbed several sets of 5, that have been separated from rest of items. ...would $30 including postage to Doncaster, VIC be worth it for you ? Regards Andrew [email protected]
Hi yes I have the 5 picture cards, seven project sheets & teachers missing the wall chart. It is all in excellent condition
IRO Collector
Hi Kerri, thanks for getting in touch. What does your folder have in it ? Is it complete ? ........As for where to sell, I can only suggest eBay really. Maybe Gumtree...but I have little experience of Gumtree. As for value...they are certainly 'rare'. I have seen only 3 or 4 complete envelopes (in varying condition)...but I don't think they are especially sought-after by anyone. I think I only paid $20 or $30 for a couple. One was from a book-shop. ...I have seen the 5 A4 posters sold as a set, without the rest of the items. ...again, not for much. If yours is complete and in okay condition, I'd pay $50 for it. ...but maybe try eBay and see if you get lucky. Regards Andrew [email protected]
I have one of these teachers resource folders, what’s it worth & we’re can u sell it plz. Thanks


Bears, Bush Creatures and Battlers

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Teacher's resource kit published in conjunction with the 5 Australian Children's Book Stamps issue. Envelope features reproduction of "Fairy Islands", also various IRO items in the kit.
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In biography -
Can you help ?
WANTED: There was a special limited- edition First Day Cover created by 'The Variety Club'. It was limited to 200 numbered copies. It sold for $500 when released in 1985. It featured all 5 1985 Children's Book Stamps and all 5 pictorial postmarks. Please get in touch if you have one for sale.
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