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A fascinating look at the players and archives of the Melbourne Football Club

Adam Vanlieshout ex Broderick commented on Jeff Hilton
I played for Dromana one season, when l crossed fro Rosebud RJFC in the mid 80s, he was a big presents on the field and a goal kicker, and could run all day, l was glad he was on my side a very gifted player, l also went to high school with him, and l was very sadend to hear about his loss
james hughes commented on Jeff Hilton
I played against this guy in the 80s. He was the most gifted junior footballer I ever saw. When he had the ball the tendency was to just watch him. The fluidity and rhythm and balance. It was like he was surfing with the football. A beautiful athlete. The first time I saw him I was 11. I chased him from the back pocket to the wing - and I was one of the quickest on the field. He just ran all over the field giving it off to players in better positions, getting it back again, giving it off again. At 10 or 11 he already had some kind of unusual presence and shape. When I heard he died a couple of weeks back, I pictured him in that game down at Dromana, with the sun on his hair, handling the ball like he was born with it in his hands. Vale Joffa.
Great pic
Wayne Baker commented on Bill Vanthoff
Pity they couldn't get the spelling of uncle Bill's name right on the cards. Always remember him as a great sportsman and wonderful person.

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Aug 06, 2015
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A fascinating look at the players and archives of the Melbourne Football Club

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