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The collection began in 2006 after acquiring a copy of Mending the Nets through eBay.
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What do you collect?

I collect Multi Coloured Staffordshire Prattware Pot Lids, Paste Jars & Prattware. 

How long have you been collecting?

The Collection began in 2006 with a copy of Mending the nets acquired through eBay. I began with the meat & fish paste jars & soon moved onto Prattware & onto Pot Lids. Not paying more than Thirty pounds for a perfect example with excellent colour/print/strike being my initial goal!


Why does it interest you?

I enjoy looking for these items at various antique shows, stores, malls around the uk & now Canada & the USA (However much less frequent to find over here) 


Is there anything you wish you knew as a beginner?

I was very lucky to have bought a copy of the smokers paste jar from a fellow collector John Foumakis very early on (The 3rd item in the collection) His help & guideance was invaluable to me. Allowing me to see the difference in what an excellent / good / average / poor example is. This knowledge i have gained has given me the eye when purchasing these wares & lids.


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Mar 16, 2017

Prattware Pot Lids

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