Prattware Pottery

F.& R. Pratt - masters of multi coloured transfer printing on pottery from 1847



The process of underglaze colour printing on pottery was a remarkable one and required great skill. The pioneers of this method were Felix Ewards Pratt along with their engraver Jesse Austin from Fenton in Staffordshire.
I am listing my collection here and hopefully it can be used as a reference point as there has not been previously any works solely dedicated to the vast and varied wares that Felix Edwards Pratt & Jesse Austin produced all those years ago. Please enjoy my collection of their work.

I am always looking for more items to add to the collection so please contact me if you have something that may be of interest not only to me but to other collectors that I have contact with.

I belong to the Pratt collecting club in the UK called The Pot Lid Circle and I suggest that if you are interested in collecting Pratt Items this club is well worth joining as it keeps you abreast of new finds, sales, unrecorded items and contact with like personal who also are collectors.

Unfortunately the Pot Lid Circle no longer exists as it was disbanded a few years ago but I am in contact with many of the Pratt collectors around the world and if I can not help you with any inquires I can steer you in the right direction with your queries.

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