Early to Mid 20th C Press Mould Glass

The Glen Iris Glass Collection

Susan, If you study the various photos, and do things such as count the crescents on the bowl, or the number of lines on each panel between the crescents, then look at the base to see if it has the details shown in my photos that should help you come to a conclusion. My penguin shown is a white satin, but I also have it in fire polished blue amber and pink with bowls. I also have green satin one, but I am waiting to find a bowl for it. The white satin set tends to sell for between AU$125.00 and AU$150.00 in Antique Centres.
How can someone tell if they have an original Art Deco LIBOCHOVICE Penguin Float Bowl FROG with bowl? What would their value be without the little black stand?
Angela commented on Magpie Master
I have a bowl the same as this, was my mothers

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Pressed glass was at its height between the two World Wars, and ranges from functional carnival glass at one end to stylish art deco ware at the other. This collection features glass from around the world, with an emphasis on polished and satin coloured glass from leading glassworks more About Us
The Glen Iris Glass Collection

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