Early to Mid 20th C Press Mould Glass

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Pressed glass was at its height between the two World Wars, and ranges from functional carnival glass at one end to stylish art deco ware at the other. This collection features glass from around the world, with an emphasis on polished and satin coloured glass from leading glassworks

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What do you collect?

Pressed glass that was produced in glass works mainly between the two World Wars. Some glass I have collected was made pre- and post- these wars. 

I have sourced some of this glass locally, but most has come from the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA. I have also had shipments from South Africa, New Zealand and Uruguay.

How long have you been collecting?

I started in 2009, mainly focusing on Carnival Glass, but in the last three years I have had a stronger liking for collecting polished and satin coloured glass of particular glass works.

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