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Stocks, Bonds, Shares and Australia's Mining & Industrial Development

Angus Pearson commented on Marvel Loch Gold Development N.L
Still me - still 1910 and E.C. Dyason - this query for an image comes from E.C. Dyason. Marvel Loch. The Age. Tuesday 29 November 1910 Page 9 STOCKS AND SHARES.
Angus Pearson commented on Bullfinch (The) Proprietary (W.A) Ltd
Hi again. E.C. Dyason. Bullfinch Proprietary Limited. The Ballarat Star. Thursday 17 November 1910 Page 6 article needing a little bit of colour for my transcription of Isaac Edward Dyason Diaries (Edward Clarence was his son) I am just filling out the newspaper reports prior to getting the pdf file from the State Library of Victoria to transcribe. Angus Pearson
Angus Pearson
I use Noble Numismatics a bit to look up share and other scrip they have a great archival collection with prices realised but often (alas) not with an image. I use that site to flesh out the transcriptions I am making of my Great Grandfather's Bendigo gold mining diaries 1851 to 1915. These are held at the State Library of Victoria. Or just look up Dyason Letters and you will go to my transcription site. E.C. Dyason (a great uncle) has made an appearance as a mining engineer / consultant in the 1910 diary I am doing so I am looking up some Western Australian Scrip to add 'pretty pictures" to the dull newspaper articles. Smiley face. Most Of the diaries deal with Bendigo and George Lansell and Isaac Edward Dyason. I do have a long collection of miners rights too - they are available on the site .
Lara commented on Coolgardie Brilliant N.L
Hi I was wandering what certificates like these are worth? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Very impressive collection, one day i hope mine can be this good.
Very impressive collection of WA mining certificates, where did you source these from as it appears difficult to purchase them? Your collection must be worth a considerable amount.
Dave Smith commented on Kalgurli (The) Reefs Ltd
Does anyone have a cancelled certificate, or even a picture of one, from Westpac Bank? If so, could you e-mail me a picture of what they looked like?

Nov 26, 2013
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These share certificates are works of art, but behind them is a history of industrial development, and broken dreams more About Us
Stocks, Bonds, Shares and Australia's Mining & Industrial Development

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