Southern Cross Corkscrew Collection

Antique and vintage corkscrews from around the world

paul commented on Folding Bow German Corkscrew
good morning i would like to purchase a kupper bier corkscrew plus is it possible to become a member regards paul
Beverly Violette commented on Heeley Concertina Corkscrew
Can you tell me how much this corkscrew is worth please. Thank you

The Mariner
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Corkscrews show the amazing creativity devoted to removing a cork from a bottle. Over the last 200 years, straight pulls, levers, frames and mechanical screws have all been applied to this simple task. The golden age of the corkscrew was the nineteenth century, with a remarkable diversity of materials and approaches. Overall it has taken some 300+ years of evolution from pre-industrial revolution right up to today's scientific age and has given us more than enough for a lifetime of collecting! more About Us
Antique and vintage corkscrews from around the world

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