LH000341 - ROBINSON, John Arthur and Ada Blanche
  • LH000341 - ROBINSON, John Arthur and Ada Blanche


Sue Robinson
This wedding photo is incorrect. The bride is Ada Blanche Robinson the daughter of Sarah Andrews and John Robinson. She married James Copley seated. Her mother Sarah is seated on right. Ada sister Sarah Jane is on left with her son Hartnell Taylor standing next to his mother, daughter Edith May Taylor. This photo is in correct its actually Ada Blanche Robinson and James Copley,she was the daughter of Sarah Andrews(she had no middle name) and John Robinson. Wedding took place 1914.


LH000341 - ROBINSON, John Arthur and Ada Blanche

Historical Details
John Arthur Robinson was the son of Sarah Jane (Andrew) and John Robinson born in 1877. John Arthur was the eldest of five children, Sarah Jane, William Edward, Frederick William and Ada Blanche.

Ada Blanche Taylor was the daughter of George William and Mary Ann (Feast) Taylor born in 1882. Ada Blanche was the eldest of four children, Ernest, William and Rose Maud. Her mother Mary Ann later remarried to Bill Gray and had two other sons.
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