The Ultimate Mo Team

The boffins at Movember have selected their ultimate Mo team, do you agree?

Mo Bro


Welcome to this collection of fabulous footballing Mo's. We salute the long and proud tradition of superb sporting Mo's in VFL and AFL football. I have divided the collection into categories - see if you agree with "The Ultimate Mo Team" selection. If you would like to read more about the collection - see the About Me page.

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What do you collect?

This collection of football cards is a joint effort by several collectors to aid the "Movember" men's health charity. We dug deep into our collections to find all manner of popular and rare cards, showing the rich heritage of footballing Mo's. We hope you like it!


The collection is divided into sections:

1. The Ultimate Mo Team - the very best, combining matchwinning skill with dazzling moustaches.

2. The Reserves Team - pushing hard to get into the firsts. Could be champions, but maybe their Mo needs a little work. Alternatively, they might be more the dependable team player, but their fabulous Mo is enough to promote them to the Reserves.

3. The Heritage Team - from the golden era of pre-WW1 footballing days. These rare cards give a glimpse into the formative days when the VFL had 9 teams and team jumpers had lace up fronts. On the Mo front, more than a match for any team.

4. Rest of the Mo club - there are so many matchwinning Mo's out there, we thought they should all be honoured with a place in the club.

5. Curiosities and Bad cards - part of the charm of earlier cards is the way they often caught players in candid moments. We will not see the like of these cards again!


What can you do on this website?

- many players have multiple cards taken over a period of years. To see all the cards and details we have for any player, just click on the player photo.

- leave comments, either on a particular footballer's page, or on the main home page.

- use the search filters to refine by a single club, period, Mo style, or Mo rating.

- which club do you support? Create your own Mo team.

- let us know if you agree with our "Ultimate Mo team"!


Contact details

Please email me at: [email protected] if you would like to contact me about anything


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Special Thanks

This was a team effort. Special thanks to

Tony Boyce

John Dickenson

Dave Skop

Shaun Scanlon at Movember

for sharing their cards and their knowledge.

Thanks!     Philip Moorhouse


Missing A Player?

If you can't see your favourite moustachioed footballer here, we had two rules:

1. The Mo must be depicted on a football card

2. Beard and Mo combinations were ruled out of bounds. Pure Mo's only


This means there are several players we would have loved to feature, but they never appeared on a football card, or they are only pictured clean shaven or bearded. There are probably some rare cards that eluded us; if you have a card and player you believe should be in this collection, please contact me, and we will be only too happy to add it.


How did we rate the Mo's?

A very contentious issue amongst the Movember boffins. Ultimately, it is in the eye of the beholder, but we based it on:

- was it memorable, did it have character?

- longevity - was it fixed above the upper lip for the player's career, or just a season or two?

- style and thickness - it takes determined effort and care to achieve a Mo with attitude

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