Wembley Ware Pottery

A collection of Wembley Ware, Australian Fine China & other Australian pottery

Venessa's Vintage Treasures - Stoneville, Perth, WA. commented on Beaufort Pottery
I found this beautiful Large Vase by Beaufort Pottery. My thoughts are it is by Ian Mac Rae as it has IM on the base.
Neil Russell commented on Australian State Flowers - Cooktown Orchid
Hi Would you have 3 Wembley ware coffee mugs with Australian state flowers Regards Neil
Subiaco 4 commented on Fern Leaf
Sorry Christine, I do not give estimates but suggest you view ebay sold items.
Christine Edwards commented on Fern Leaf
I have 5 sets of cup saucer and plates of the Fern leaf design..How much are they worth each
Subiaco 4 commented on Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
sorry I can only suggest ebay, that is where I obtained mine from.
Kay Kelly commented on Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
Where can I obtain one of these gorgeous plates? Kay
Kim kent commented on Squatters Dream
I am searching for the mug from the squatters great heritage rose collection.

Subiaco 4
Feb 24, 2016
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WELCOME to this collection of Wembley Ware and other pottery. Since the potteries inception in 1921 the pottery has had many changes, more information can be obtained on the about me page. Thanks to the assistance of other collectors I have been able to incorporate other items to make this collection as comprehensive as possible and of value to other like minded collectors. more About Us
A collection of Wembley Ware, Australian Fine China & other Australian pottery

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