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The largest private collection of dictionaries in the Southern Hemisphere

“Attention language lovers: prepare to be taken prisoner. Willard R. Espy, word gamester extraordinaire, has put together more than 200 sublimely satisfying diversions -- including acrostics, clerihews, epigrams, cryptograms, spoonerisms, palindromes, puns, and much, much more. Presented here are the wildest array of tongue twisters, brainteasers, and other mind-benders new and old, along with notes on their histories, tips on how to play them or solve them, and page after page of mind-boggling challenges you won't find anywhere else. It is a celebration of the energy, wit, flexibility, and fun of the English language by its most ardent aficionado.” Via Goodreads.
Impressive collection
Graham Well what a great collection you have I have a friend in Melbourne that could almost be classed as a dictionary collector as he studies the correct uses of words, there origins and every thing to know about languages not only English. A very well presented collection you have.

Graham Millar
Jun 01, 2014
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Welcome to the largest collection of dictionaries in the Southern Hemisphere (as far as I know). But it is not just language that interests me - I define a dictionary as any reference work structured alphabetically. The collection is subdivided into art, biography, history, language, literature, philosophy, psychology, science and sociology. What I find so fascinating is to see how the range and depth of human knowledge has grown exponentially in recent centuries. I hope you enjoy my collection, but I also have a secret motive - donations of more dictionaries are always welcome! more About Us
The largest private collection of dictionaries in the Southern Hemisphere

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