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Curved Wood Type
  • Curved Wood Type
  • Curved Wood Type
  • Curved Wood Type
  • Curved Wood Type
  • Ebay image of curved wood type ~ Curved Wood Type
  • From an industrial artifacts and gifts website ~ Curved Wood Type
  • Day & Collins 1897 Catalogue ~ Curved Wood Type


Pixel Press
Thank you Philip, we are gathering info little by little but thanks for reminding me of Briar Press, excellent place to ask a bit more
Hi Pixel Press, I have never seen a photo of one of the presses, although I have asked around. I have seen curved wood type from UK , USA and imported into there must have been presses and knowledge around. maybe you could try asking on Briar Press? Regards, Philip
Pixel Press
Hello, we just got hold of an entire drawer of this blocks and we are looking for more information, any info! Anyone has photos of the presses or similar we can see? We are intrigued!


Curved Wood Type

Object Type
Wood Type - Other
Identification Reference
Greg Ruffa "The Art of Wood Type" p.71 briefly refers to curved wood type
Manufactured In
[gps]United Kingdom
Country - From
Object ID


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